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Our Philosophy

couple-looking-at-map-medRisk Management

Although financial investments are not without risk, at Premier Financial Advisory Services we select investments to accomplish the client’s financial objectives while also providing peace of mind. For this reason, we begin each relationship with an assessment of the client’s financial picture, risk tolerance, family needs, retirement objectives, and life goals. Since higher yields come with higher risk and/or volatility, we work with our clients to reach the comfortable balance of investment risk and anticipated return.

Long-term Strategy

Because the stock market has its ups and downs, we believe that a long-term strategy is the best way to approach an investment portfolio. Once we understand our client’s goals and objectives, a customized allocation plan is developed to meet that client’s specific income and asset growth goals. As an experienced investment management firm, we carefully implement each plan and actively monitor accounts to ensure they stay within the guidelines of the plan.

Time Horizon

Most investment allocations have both long-term and short-term components. Although financial returns can be maximized with a long term time horizon, we understand the client’s need for short-term income and/or distributions. Every customized allocation plan considers the short-term needs as well as the longer term growth component. Even though assumptions are made to determine the initial time horizon, we understand that life presents many twists and turns. Whether an immediate change is required or there are month, the allocation plan is flexible enough to change as the client’s need changes. We have a formal meeting with clients at least annually to review their needs, objectives, employment, financial changes, and family dynamics in order to modify the allocation plan as needed to accommodate the changes in life plans.

Portfolio Diversification

One way to help reduce risk in a portfolio is through diversification. By holding different types of investments from a variety of industries, you can lessen the negative impact on your account if one investment faces some challenges. In other words, we do not recommend “putting all of your eggs in one basket”. The most effective diversification model will include investments spread across multiple geographic regions, company sizes, and sector classes.

Premier Financial Advisory Services can help you and your small business plan for retirement, handle a 401K rollover or Roth IRA, manage your portfolio, provide financial advice, recommend long term care and life insurance, and help build your portfolio according to your wealth management goals. Whether you’re in Suwanee, Duluth, Johns Creek, or anywhere in Gwinnett County, call for an appointment today (404) 921-9755.