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Management Fees

Fee Structure

Premier Financial in Suwanee, Georgia provides clients with investment advisory services based on a set fee rather than a commission for products or trades. We let you know our price for services up front. Regardless of the investments recommended, conflict of interest is eliminated. Premier Financial has two methods for assisting clients with investment evaluation, recommendation and implementation: (1) hourly fee, or (2) percentage. With the hourly fee, the client pays for the advisor’s evaluation and recommendations on an as needed basis. In the percentage arrangement, the client pays Premier Financial to handle the evaluation, recommendation, and implementation of the investment account based on a percentage of assets that the advisor manages.

Why Is Fee Structure Important?

Premier Financial’s fee is not affected by how many trades are made in your account, although the custodian may charge a flat fee to execute the trade. Because there are no commissions involved, the advisor’s interest is aligned with the client.

You can be assured that your financial needs and goals are always the top priority in the financial planning process. We have your best interests in mind and hold our advisors to the highest fiduciary standard as we manage your investment account.

Commission Based Products

In addition to investment advisor services, Premier Financial also offers insurance products to clients as needed to accomplish asset protection, estate planning, and wealth transition goals. The products include life insurance, long term care insurance, and annuities. When these solutions are recommended by your financial advisor, and implemented by a client, Premier Financial is paid a commission directly from the insurance company.

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